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By Roberta Turgeon

Heidi Shol, our state's candidate for a National Garden Clubs 2017-2018 Scholarship, has received a $4,000 award.
She is a student at the University of Crookston in its horticultural program.

Madison Taylor sent this to the members of the Federated Garden Clubs. "Thank you for your generosity towards
my education. I am humbled and honored to have been chosen as a scholarship recipient. Your support is applied
directly to my tuition and allows me to focus on my education." Madison was our University recipient.
She is in Washington, D.C. interning at the American Farm Bureau Federation this summer. This fall she will be
in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a program studying agricultural and horticultural systems there.
She has offered to speak about her travels at our meetings.

Thank you all for your participation in our Scholarship Fund –
we are grateful for your support that gives us the opportunity to help “grow” our future horticultural caretakers:
gardeners, farmers, landscapers, teachers, etc.

Submitted by Roberta Turgeon


                                                  Eric Coffman, Madison Taylor and Scholarship Chair Roberta Turgeon
                                         at the 2017 FGCM, Inc Annual Meeting (Hannah Arvold was unable to be present.)


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